LOGIN Failed -- Error connect


LOGIN Failed – Error connect

Was trying from different devices - same problem


I get the same error since this morning. (tested devices: Android & Windows)
Yesterday everything worked.

The same issue seemed to have occurred 10 days ago:

EDIT: seems to be fixed again.


today I have same problem. When I try to log I receive ECONNREFUSEDERROR :frowning:


same here since nearly 6 hours ago


This has been an of-again, off-again problem with turtl… unfortunately, the inability to access our information on this app today cost us and not in a very good way. Time to replace it…

Open to suggestions…


We have looked at Standard Notes and feel it is an equivalent (perhaps better?) replacement - how dependable they are is yet to be seen as we are not finding anything in their blog nor in several web searches about their server ever being down.

If anything, would be a good back up for your most valuable and sensitive information, the mathematical odds of BOTH being down is very, very remote…