Login failed -- error


Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Turtl for quite some months now and so far it always ran smoothly and I must say that I’m very happy with it.
Yesterday I was logged in, going through my files and notes without any problems but this morning, for some reason, when I opened the app I was logged out (I have the “Stay logged in” option on) and when I tried to login I got the following error:

“Login failed – Error: connect ECONNREFUSED”

I have some important notes on my account so I hope I don’t lose those!

Cheers and thank you in advance,

LOGIN Failed -- Error connect

I am getting the same thing this morning. I used diceware and have all of my important passwords memorized so I know that I am not making a mistake. Personally, I know its on their end so I will just check back later today.


Like most VERY happy with this product, however, this has happened twice, both first thing in the morning, yesterday and today… did send a tweet to them asking if there is a bump in the servers… let’s see if they respond…


Ditto the connection refused message several times today (Friday). Would like to re-establish connection with my stored material.


Ditto. Today I am receiving Login failed - Error: connect ECONNREFUSED when using server https://apiv3.turtlapp.com .

Accessing https://apiv3.turtlapp.com directly from a web browser results in {“greeting”:“Hi.”}

Tried over wifi wired connection & over 4G LTE connection, from PC and from Android app, all same.

Hope the server can be rebooted/fixed soon :slight_smile:


Reported also in github FYI https://github.com/turtl/tracker/issues/327


No response to the first tweet, send another… still cannot log in (1pm ET)


Dealing with the same issue here, have been locked out of all of my personal and school notes all day on all devices. This is a disaster, I made a huge mistake switching to Turtl and I really hope this is fixed ASAP so I can at least export all of my notes to something more stable. This sucks, I should have just stuck with my previous way of keeping notes.


Apparently in the last 2 hours or so, the servers are functioning – at least for here they are…

SUGGESTION TO TURTL from someone that has been dealing with customer service for 50+ years…

Reliability is top dog whether a free or paid service. You can have the best software, however, if the people cannot get to their data - they will settle for less quality over reliability…


YES!! I have access! Thank you so much for this response-- currently backing up all my stuff. Thank you so, so much! What a huge relief. It was foolish of me to not back my things up periodically but thankfully this was a good lesson.


Yup, back here as well.


I just got the problem, I had seen it on my cell phone, I thought it was my new phone but I am getting it on my computer also. It seems to be their problem. I have uses turtl for over a year and this is the worst problem I have seen. I hope they fix it fast. My server that is refusing connection is It looks like the server is down. It will not ping.


Its back up. I noticed it came back around 12 or so…


12-July - this problem reared its ugly head again. This time it cost us as we could not get to some information we needed to complete a project. Time to replace this service once the wallet gets impacted.

Open to suggestions…


We have looked at Standard Notes and feel it is an equivalent (perhaps better?) replacement - how dependable they are is yet to be seen as we are not finding anything in their blog nor in several web searches about their server ever being down.

If anything, would be a good back up for your most valuable and sensitive information, the mathematical odds of BOTH being down is very, very remote…


Has today the same problem :frowning: