Where Are My Files/Notes Actually Stored?


> “The files are IN the computer…”

I’m not incredibly tech savy, but I get the difference between files being stored:

  • On my hard drive or phone storage,
  • On the local servers / hard drives of the company (e.g. Turtl), and
  • On “the cloud”

When I create a note on my Turtl app, where physically is that data stored? On the device I created the note on (e.g. if I create it on my phone, it’s stored on my phone’s hard drive)? Is it distributed between all devices I use Turtl on? Is it stored on Turtl’s servers? Or is it stored on third party servers?

My concern is how secure my data is in terms of not disappearing; in other words, like Osbourne Cox, I’m concerned about the security… of my shit.

Thanks for any info you guys can provide. Seems like a great app, so far… :face_with_monocle: