Welcome to the Turtl Community


This is a single place for the Turtl community to ask for help, request new features, share ideas, or just stop by and say hi. The Turtl team will be active on this community to make sure you are all happy. Welcome!


Looking for an alternative to Evernote, I found this project that looks really interesting, but it seems there is not too many people using the community places.


This community is entirely new as of yesterday, so there are not too many people using it yet. However, all the links on our website have been updated to point here, so it will grow in a short amount of time.


That explains why my search wasn’t successful :grinning:
But a great idea :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for an Evernote alternative and stumbled upon turtl. The Leanote setup looked to complicated and the community seems to write more in asian languages :thinking:


well, hi there :wave:
i’ve been searching for an app like this for so long! since i gave up google notes for believing that google spys on me and using my data for suspicious purposes, i’ve been taking notes with a simple text editor. now everything’s going to be fine. :blush:
beautiful icon!
pure minimalism, great app!


I’m a fan of Turtl since I discovered it :slight_smile: