Turtl not starting up in Solus


Installed fine but when I open Tutrl, it just exists automatically. How do I solve this?


I spun up an instance of Solus to test out the install.
I installed and ran turtle from the /opt/turtl/ directory.
then I recieved the exact error I thought I would recieve.
it complained that it could not find the shared library libgconf-2.so.4
I did a eopkg search for gconf, gconf2, libgconf2, and finaly libgconf-2.so.4 with no results.
This could be a problem with budgie (the windows manager) or Solus’s repositories themselves.
From what I could tell from the Solus site they focus more on flatpaks and snaps.
Because of this I checked their software center and found no packages for turtl.

I didn’t solve the problem, but this should give you a few bread crumbs to follow.