Testing changes, websocket trying to reach fails


Hey, don’t know if this is the right place so feel free to delete it if it’s not.

I’m trying to test out some changes for an open issue. I followed the build changes here: https://github.com/turtl/js#building
when I run the code with:
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

I’m getting a websocket error in the chrome dev console:
websocket.js?v1549560096:28 WebSocket connection to ‘ws://’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Did I miss something? Is there an easy way to point this to an existing turtl test server? I looked around config.js and didn’t find much


The js project doesn’t run without having the turtl core either embedded or run with a websocket server. The default for the js project is to try to communicate with the core via websocket, which is why you’re getting that error.

As it is, the setup is fairly complicated, unfortunately. You need to run the js AND the core (which requires compiling it via rust). A really big goal is to compile the core to wasm which would allow the js project to load without needing to set up rust.

For now, the build setup is somewhat complicated, but you can follow the instructions for building the core if you do wish to continue.


Hey thanks for the response :slight_smile:
Yeah I figured that out somewhat a little bit ago. I tried building the core and buildo (running on linux x86_64) and ran into issues with the docker container from that, I guess buildo is not how you guys build anymore? There were some personal artifacts (your filepath in the Makefile) that broke things there.
I’ll probably retry building core-rs again on a clean box, I think I had some mis-versioned pre-reqs laying around.


We’re definitely using buildo…can you give more details on what broke (or where it is)? There might be some stuff I missed when trying to convert it to be more generic.


Okay, I’ve tried rebuilding with a cleaner environment and things built cleanly :smiley:
Is there any documentation on how to run everything together? I just want to make some front end changes, nothing in the core. Is building the core and desktop under buildo sufficient?