Storage size on free account and upcoming premium account?


I couldn’t really find any information regarding the storage size on Turtl accounts. I understand if the storage size for premium account isn’t known/decided yet but what is the storage size for free accounts?


Likely, free accounts will have 50mb of storage, and premium accounts will have 10gb.


Alright, thank you. Have you decided if 10gb will be only option or do you plan do have different sized premium accounts?


It is really kind of flexible right now. There’s always the possibility for custom plans if people need more. If enough people say “10gb isn’t enough, we want 25gb!” then the main premium option will probably just change to be 25gb.

We’re probably going to be working pretty heavily with customers on the premium offering as it unrolls.


50MB is almost nothing. You can’t store much of anything besides text. It sounds like you’re trying to keep the subscription options simple though, which is good.


But in the end Turtl is a cloud notebook, not a cloud storage, so in my opinion 50MB should be enough for free account. If one needs to add photos to notes, they can be reduced in size, I don’t think one needs 4,256 x 2,832 res photos for note keeping. And ift one needs to have high res pictures or whatever, then there is the premium option. I think these are pretty good options but that’s just my opinion.


50mb for free accounts is good I think, same goes with 10gb for paid.


Here’s another idea. What if Turtl included opt-in advertising in return for larger free storage? There are a lot of people in the world who would take that deal. I’m (probably) not one of them, but I know many who would.