Still Being Maintained?


Hey all, I’ve just discovered Turtl and I love it, but was just wondering if this is still being maintained? I can’t find any responses to questions since a couple of years ago maybe - if the devs are just stretched thin that’s cool and I’ll stick by it, just wanting to make sure!

My only request is some form of dark mode please!

Android user.


I had the same question not too long ago. Considering one can still sign up for the premium and the servers are up, it looks to still be maintained and developed. There are only two thinly stretched devs handling the project. It’s always recommended to regularly back files up though! Turtl has a nice export function for that. The community seems pretty small too, but it should grow as the project matures and more people promote it.


i just did it manuly aditing the scc works both on android and on mac os:)