Some features I would like for my travel notes


Hi guys! This is a really nice project thanks for making it open!

I’m traveling and some times I have a really bad internet access and Turtl is awesome to write my travel notes. It would be awesome to have the followings features and I’m interested to help in develop them if you are ok we them:

  1. Create custom notes with custom fields: I would like to keep a dairy notes with the same size titles like: “Things I did in the morning”, “Things I did in the afternoon”, “Things I did in the night”, “Food I ate”, “Places that I visited”, etc. And it will be easier to have a note where I can complete this fields instead of copy and paste titles writed in markdown.

  2. Add maps to a note: It would be great to have a button that get my location from the phone GPS and add into a note as a pin in a map or let me choose the coordinates from a map and save that location.

Right now I’m working on the Spanish translation, but I would really like to work on these features.



I would also like to see option to use custom templates, would make the life much easier.