RFE: Improve large upload management and/or messaging


Somewhat edited posting…
Larger file uploads will simply become “Timed out” on you. Though I would love configurability on the server side for what size files are allowed, Simply knowing the limits and appropriately messaging errors would be hugely helpful. I.e., Managing errors and system limits needs to be more graceful and needs to recover. Right now I end up with blocked uploads and incoming. And… it’s just a mess.


  1. Using desktop app ( on linux (Fedora 29) that I built myself
  2. Syncing to self-hosted server (vlatest from github as of march 3, also linux on Fedora 29)
  3. I tried two configurations with the same result…
  • Nginx as the webserver go-between managing the traffic (instead of connecting directly to the Turl server). Traffic is SSL encrypted via Let’s Encrypt
  • I also attempted with direct connection to the IP:8181 via non-ssl’ed http

Problem: Timeouts on large files.

From debug (identifiers redacted)…

Error: {"err":{"message":"http://MY_TURTL_SERVER_IP:8181/notes/016959b27932e337979561eef464173cXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX202a00f4/attachment: timed out","type":"generic"},"file":"src/[api.rs](http://api.rs)","line":150,"wrapped":true} (7471)

I don’t know what the size-limit of the file is that times out but 55M, for example, times out and 8M does not. Both when routing through a webserver and when connecting directly via port 8181.

Question: I’m (desktop) on a slow (relative) broadband connection. But it is reliable. The server is running in the cloud on blazing fast internet. Is there a timeout setting somewhere that I can tell the Turtl Server to honor?

Related question: I have to view debug logs on the client side to see what’s going on over the API. Is there a way to do that server-side?

Related question #2: What does “Frozen” mean in the context of a to-be-sync’ed item?

RFE: If I elect to attempt to “Unfreeze” something, there needs to be some kind of UI feedback that I actually did something.

Maybe related: If I create a note with an attached “large” file via the mobile client (, the app crashes.

Any ideas are welcome!


I am not sure why I didn’t think to try this earlier… but I just attempted the same thing, but using the apiv3.turtlapp.com as the target. Same behavior… “timed out”.


Looking through the code, which my unfamiliarity has made an interesting exercise, it seems to me that there is a MB cap on the server-side (24mb?) and a timeout driven from the client side (120s?). I am sure there are more variables at play, but… am I at least close?


I second this call for more information on file size limits and more pointed error messages. I’ve encountered issues with syncing for files over 10mb, from both the Linux Mint & Windows 10 side (version for both: desktop- and from the Android side (version: android- I attempted this solely with pdf files, which is what I mostly commonly wish to upload. I do not self-host my files.


Thanks for this information
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