Pinning Notes to Top of My Page/Space


It seems that as I make new notes, they push the older notes down the “page”. But I want to keep some where they are for quick access without fussing around with the Boards and Spaces.

What would make this app simple and super functional for me is if I could hold-press (on phone) on a note, and something similar like click + hold (on computer), and have the option to pin that note to the top of the page, so new notes don’t push it down as I add them

I find the difference between Boards and Spaces to be… not intuitive. It seems like these might be what are meant to serve the function I’m seeking, but my head can’t use them the way they seem to be meant to be used. And besides, adding this wouldn’t require removing those.

In a similar vein, it would also be intuitive and handy if the hold+press function could be used to drag a note around as it were a physical tile on the page, so I could change it’s position relative to all the other notes I have.

I’ve become quite dependent on those two functions, and I honestly figured they were standard to every app of this type when I chose Turtl. Well, what do they say about assuming… :ox:

Thanks for the app guys, keep up the good work.