Not possible to upload photo/picture on Android?



I am a new user to Turtl, and so far I love it. I do have a question though and hope somebody can help me with it.

I experience the following: When uploading a photo (when creating a image note) on Android, it seems as it only uses a link to the original file on my phone. So when I look at the note on my laptop, I do not see the foto.
However, when I create an image note on the laptop and upload a photo, I can see and download the photo on my Android.

To me this seems wrong, All photos (also the ones uploaded from Android) should be accesable from all devices.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance for your answer.
With kind regards,



I have reinstaled the android Turtl app, and now it seems to work as expected.


I have the same probleme : pics uploaded on android are not displayed on laptop. But the contrary is ok.
I tried to reinstalled the android app, but now, the older pics on android can’t be seen on android AND laptop, and the original problem is unchanged : new pics on android can’t be seen on the laptop :tired_face:
Does anyone have an idea ?
Thank you


Hello Leotel,

Maybe something went wrong with the syncing of the data? I had that once.
Under settings there should be something like ‘sync info’. You should be able to clear any sync errors/pending sync items there, if you have any.
hope that helps.