Memory greedy + Lags - Windows 10



not sure if this message has to be flagged as Need Help ?.
I just want to report what looks like a problem IMHO.

I notice that my Turtl desktop apps on my Windows 10 system is consuming more and more memory and is even slowing down, as the day progresses.
Typically at start, I can see 3 processes, with memory usage as illustrated in screenshot :

But at the end of the day, it can be ==1 GB== of private bytes / working set !!

Moreover, there are more and more lags when I edit a document, up to 1s between moment I type my text and moment it appears in editor…

I am a user of Turtl for years already. I decided to migrate from v6 to v7 last year.
I cannot remember such a poor experience :roll_eyes:

I am using Turtl on Windows, Linux and Android. I cannot find any other valuable alternative.
I am used to Turtl being really slow on Android devices, since the very beginning of the development (I can remember author confessed the same… :wink:).

For now, I have opted to restart Turtl about 3x a day. To fix both memory usage and lags.
But I would appreciate if you could investigate and fix things. Sounds like a memory leak, to me.

Moreover, I wonder if a feature like cache cleaning would not be valuable, as well.