Login not currently working, api timeout


I cannot login to Turtl on any of my devices. Just keep getting Login failed, timed out, error message. I know my password is correct, and I have made no changes on any of my devices. They all worked yesterday.


Me too, first noticed it about 12 hours ago. Error is:

Login failed – Error: https://apiv3.turtlapp.com/auth: timed out

I can rech said page via browser.


Same here. Makes me think I should have used an offline, synced service for my encrypted documents instead, since now I can’t access them at all.


Same here. i need my notes for work :frowning:


Same here, Error: https://apiv3.turtlapp.com/auth: timed out
Already sent a tweet to the team

Update : The issue seems resolved here


Yep, the issue is resolved… all is right with the world again.