Login failed - os error 11


I received this today in a try to log in.

Here is the debug code:
2019-07-01T10:44:29 - [INFO][turtl_core] main::init() – created data folder: /data/user/0/com.lyonbros.turtl/files/core
2019-07-01T10:44:29 - [INFO][turtl_core] main::start() – begin
2019-07-01T10:44:29 - [INFO][turtl_core::messaging] messaging::start() – main loop
2019-07-01T10:44:29 - [INFO][turtl_core::messaging] messaging::ui_event() – messaging:ready
2019-07-01T10:44:29 - [INFO][turtl_core::dispatch] dispatch(1): app:api:get-endpoint
2019-07-01T10:44:29 - [INFO][turtl_core::dispatch] dispatch(2): app:api:get-old-endpoint
2019-07-01T10:44:52 - [INFO][turtl_core::dispatch] dispatch(3): app:api:set-endpoint
2019-07-01T10:44:52 - [INFO][turtl_core::dispatch] dispatch(4): app:api:set-old-endpoint
2019-07-01T10:44:52 - [INFO][turtl_core::dispatch] dispatch(5): user:login
2019-07-01T10:44:52 - [INFO][turtl_core::models::user] user::generate_auth() – generating v0 auth
2019-07-01T10:44:59 - [INFO][turtl_core::api] api::call() – res(7): RawStatus(200, “OK”) POST /auth
2019-07-01T10:45:22 - [INFO][turtl_core::dispatch] dispatch(6): app:get-log![turtl|240x500]


That was fixed after installing the last version of turtl but comes another issue with the login…


I had the same issue on android and Desktop, i cleared local data on Desktop and uninstall re-install on android and it fixed my issue.