Linux Mint, turtl won't open again if closed


Hi, I can launch turtl once per boot. If I close it and try to re-open it, I just get a blank window. I need to reboot every time I want to relaunch turtl.

I looked for a turtl process to kill, but could not find one running.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


On my Linux Mint 19.2 I don’t have this issue.
The only idea I have as a Turtl user is, to upgrade your Linux if it’s not a current version. Or you re-install the app.
In the Settings there is also a debug log where you may find some further info on the problem. What client Version do you have? I use desktop-
You could create a now account without any notes to see if any of your notes is the culprit.


Thanks for the reply. I would post the contents of the debug log, but the forum software won’t let me. Something about only two links for new users.

I did buy premium. I don’t suppose that comes with any kind of support?


only the business plan is with dedicated support.
you could use to upload you log and past the link here


Thanks for the pastebin tip.


I can’t see a particular problem in the log , maybe Turtlapp folks can…

Fail to launch on Debian Stretch

I switched the desktop to Cinnamon and now it works fine.


Hi, I’m also using Cinnamon and am having trouble installing Turtl. The closest instructions I found is:
perhaps it’s different for unbuntu but also I’m a noob and am not sure if just did it incorrectly.