Linux Flatpak Or DEB Package


Please add a flatpak or a Deb package for easy installation and the ability to get updates.


Please add appimage as well


Appimage should be the standard means of distributing Turtl for Linux, IMHO. I think Turtl should avoid tying itself into a specific distribution like Debian, although it would be nice to have it in the Debian and Ubuntu repositories (and others) eventually.


I didn’t find any installation instructions on Linux and failed to install Turtl.

There needs to be an easy way for non-IT people to install Turtl. Ideally it should appear in the distro App Stores. Appimage is NOT easy for non IT people to use. And often fails to integrate into the desktop launcher. Leaving the non-IT user stuck. You can’t list all installed Appimages. There is no indication of where to store Appimage files. Non-IT users don’t know about the Linux folders. Uninstalling an Appimage is a mystery too.


Would absolutely love to have Turtl available for installation in any easier way.