Issue with file download - self hosted server + docker + reverse proxy



I’m using turtl since a while now and I really enjoy using it.
since the beginning, file and pictures upload never worked but i was not in need to have them.

Today I was spending some time on the community to see if the project is still alive (which I truly hope) and decided to investigate further why the file and picture were not working.

First my setup:
Turtl runs in a docker and expose the port http/8081 locally
I then have an apache2 which do a reverse proxy to allow using turtl on https/443

When I upload a file I can see the upload works as expected, but then when the client want to download the file it try to reach the url http://server:8081/path instead of https://server/path

Is there something I can do myself to fix that or the server code has to be patched?

Thanks for the help,


My bad, it was just a bad setting of the api_url in the config.yaml. I’ve changed the value and now it’s working like a charm :slight_smile: