Is there a way to import data from Google Keep¿


I currently use Google Keep to store all my info. I now find out it is not secure. Can I important my tons of data in Google Keep into Turtl. Where it is safe?


Hi, currently there is not a way to import from Keep, but it is on our roadmap:


I just manage to do an import of my google keep data into Tutl. As in some posts suggested I used the Google Takeout service to download the data from google keep.
Then, to sync it into turtl I did some work on a turtl python client TurtlPy. It’s far from being complete (and widely tested) and working only on linux as of today. But basic functionality works and is enough for transferring data from Google Keep to Turtl.

The only thing you’d have to write is a script parsing your Google Keep html files and creating the notes with the python client.