Import from Evernote


Many new Turtl users will be coming in from Evernote. It would be really helpful to have some means to import notes from Evernote without having to manually copy and paste the contents of notes individually. Being able to convert and import Evernote’s .enex files would be ideal.


This is is a feature we’re very interested in adding:


That’s good to hear. I would very much like to see Evernote’s rich text bullet points turned into markdown bullet points (-) and indented automatically. This would save me a lot of trouble trying to deal with iffy plaintext conversion. Most of my notes are in bullet form and get garbled by some conversion tools.


This is good to know. I’ll add it to the notes on the Github tracker. Thanks for pointing this out.


I just tried saving an article from Wikipedia and it does not save the text, just the URL which means I have to manually copy and the text and paste it in the app.

On the other hand I also read that Evernote encrypts data however some of it’s employees can read your notes but there is a way to stop it as described in the following link:

From this I can conclude that Evernote is safe to use but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.