Import CSV formatted data


I just discovered Turtl, self hosted it on our server using Docker. So far so good, the product is excellent.
Of course, we all come here from different note taking environments – and that was precisely the point of implementing Turtl.
Is there an easy (even geeky) way to import formatted data into Turtl? I have read a post about using TurtlPy, but it was not so explanatory.
I assume a good starting point would be to be able to import CSV files with minimal columns such as:

  • URL
  • title
  • note
  • tags separated by commas

Every record would be imported into the default space at the highest level.
Any idea someone?


I have tried to install TurtlPy on a Debian 10 desktop, and could not go through. Any positive experience with this Python module?


Another way to take the problem would be able to access the Turtl server with a Public API.
Does anybody know if there is such a thing?