Feature Requests


Just found your project and it looks good so far!

I’m a long time Tomboy/Rainy user under linux/android and am looking for some thing more modern but hopefully able to get a similar feature set.

Here are a few features that I’d love to see, if possible!

  • sticky notes (on desktop with minimal interface, auto start pinned notes on application launch)
  • search all spaces at once
  • left side list showing all spaces expanded at once (via “All Spaces”, or something similar), and ability to pin list open
  • theme-ability (window color, highlight color, text color, etc…)
  • hot key support (I currently have ctrl-F1 bound to the search box on tomboy, globally)
  • local caching for situations when there is no reception, opening the app detects no valid/or slow connection, and opens cached files in offline mode immediately (I wanted to like google keep but reading from cloud with poor reception really turned me off, vs tomdroid with cached files, for immediate viewing)

As I type this, it’s like I am asking for a Turtl Tomboy, but there will definitely be useful features that overlap.

Thank you very much!


Thanks for writing and for the suggestions! Some of these we are tracking on our roadmap:

  • Sticky notes: are these notes that are “always on top” (aka pinned: https://github.com/turtl/tracker/issues/228)? Or is this a specific screen that only has stickied notes?
  • Search all spaces at once: agreed, this would be very useful (added here: https://github.com/turtl/tracker/issues/279)
  • “All spaces” – when you say expanded, do you mean all a space’s boards would be shown under each space?
  • Theming is one of our more requested features. Right now, we have a dark mode planned (https://github.com/turtl/tracker/issues/78) but we’ve also had a few requests for full theming support, which might make more sense.
  • By this do you mean a system-wide key combination that opens Turtl? Turtl does have in-app shortcuts (type ? in the main window to see them).
  • Offline mode is one of our biggest requests (aside from iOS): https://github.com/turtl/tracker/issues/61

I will check out Tomboy when I get a chance and make notes of the things it does well!

Thanks again.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the response and info on the roadmap of items planned!

  • sticky notes as in floating desktop widgets, kind of like in windows 7. I specifically have tons of ‘notes’ open on my desktop, for constant entries, or quick reference.

  • all spaces would be more of a pinnable pane, that shows all spaces, boards and notes underneath (once you check out tomboy you’ll see what I am referring to)

  • hotkey: couldn’t have said it any better! system-wide hot keys that bring the application up/focus into a specific area or action.

Sounds like most of these are already in the works!

Thanks so much for putting so much effort into this project, hope to watch it bloom!


Thank you for the hard work Andrew, a dark theme will be highly appreciated and I know is becoming increasingly popular.

Also, I hope the team can continue to deliver updates on the upcoming or “work in progress” features over Twitter and also if possible, publishing the new releases over a blog like Medium might be a great idea to attract new and valuable followers and contributors to the project.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!