Error logging in: Error loading profile


Dear Turtl community,

After a period of a few days of some trials, yesterday I have spend several hours putting most of my notes in turtle. I have logged in multiple times yesterday, on my computer as well as my phone.

Today however, I cannot log in anymore. I know for sure that I have the correct login. Turtle actually tries to log in, but I get an error: “Error loading profile” with the options ‘retry’, ‘logout’, ‘clear local data’. (please see attachment below)

Can somebody please help or explain what is going on?
should I just be patient?
Does this happen frequently with Turtl?

Thanks in advance for your reply


Ditto inability to “load profile”. This on the heels of the server failure on Friday. Would appreciate a more reliable service.


I have the same problem.
Please help!
I need my notes today!

Login failed - os error 11

@joojisan @tku I had the same issue and i cleared the local data for the desktop app and then signed back in. On mobile I uninstalled and re-installed. That fixed the issues for me.


For me clearing data did not work. However, without doing anything, it now works again.
I guess it just needed some time. (I am still curious why this happened though)


Mmm…the issue happens quite often actually. Has anybody an explanation for this? Or am I simply doing something wrong?


cleared data.
logged in
took much longer.
I think it has to do with signing in on different subnet then the time before.
Must be a security protection.
It is my first time in 3 weeks.


It’s not security protection. I’ve been using Turtl for a while now, although I’ve only started getting this error recently.