Drinking Water Treatment - A Fad Or a Necessity?


Till a few decades back, water treatment company in UAE was not such a common thing. It was mostly considered as a fad where not many followers were available. But today the reality is different. The drinking water available today is so impure and full of contaminants that it is just not safe to consume it. With the pollution scale rising up, drinking water treatment has become the utmost need of the hour.

Irrespective of where you live, the water coming straight from your tap is heavily contaminated with bacteria, metal traces, chemicals, pesticides etc which make it absolutely unsafe for drinking. Chlorine is one of the most common contaminant which is actually added by the water companies to keep bacteria away from their water reservoirs.

If the water supplied to us is used without filtering, these contaminants can cause various ailments like headaches, asthma, diarrhea, arthritis etc. Most of these contaminants like chlorine - for killing bacteria, pesticides, herbicides are used for killing some form of natural living beings. They will surely have a detrimental effect on the human body too. Consuming such contaminated water is just not healthy. This justifies the need for drinking water treatment.

One common drinking water treatment is through reverse osmosis. Though it is an effective way to remove all contaminants, the results are not perfect. It works on the principle of de-mineralizing the water . In simpler words, it simply strips away everything from the water, even the essential mineral traces. These minerals are available naturally in the water. They are not contaminants and should not be treated like one.

These natural minerals are very much essential for our body. They are required for general health of bones, teeth and cartilage. Removing them from water which is the natural source of these minerals and then later taking some supplements to compensate for these mineral deficiencies is simply illogical. If you need them, why remove them in the first place?

Drinking water treatment through techniques like carbon filtration, ion exchange, micron filtration helps in removing all these contaminants and ensuring a healthy and pure drinking water. There are good water filters available which can do just this for you. They can be attached to your kitchen tap or to the main water supply of your house to ensure that the water that you use for drinking, cooking and even bathing-in is 100% safe.

Now that we agree on the statement - drinking water treatment which was once a luxury is the utmost necessity today, don’t just wait. Step out and look for a good water filter which can purify the water and ensure an unlimited supply of pure water to you and your family. After all you deserve the best.

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