Does others also notice a lot of problems with servers? [Solved]


I donwloaded Turtl app from F-Droid today, made account and few notes. Everything was perfect until few hours ago I have gotten really many errors when trying to log in, if I get to login then it’s in offline.

Note sync doesn’t work properly and if I make a note and click save it doesn’t show it anywhere. I have to log out and log in to see the saved note. Or if that doesn’t happen the I get toast notification that says “There was a problem updating that note: undefinied”

So is this server related, app related or my device related?
Any help appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: rebooted my device and all sync related problems dissappeared. I would delete this thread but don’t have needed permissions.


I’m glad restarting fixed the problem. If you notice this again, one thing you can do is copy your debug log (Settings -> Debug log) and paste it here and I will take a look and see if there’s anything we can fix on our side.