Current limitations and usability for writing / authoring


Hey all. Currently exploring my way around turtl after installing it a few hours ago and I must say I’m finding it very intuitive and a pleasure to use.

I have been exploring online collaborative apps and project management apps to use on a personal basis and for global online projects. Depending on how this app evolves I would also like to host my own server for an online investigations enterprise, especially if the future of turtl brings it even to half of the features n functionality of something like discord.

So for my personal project which im using to test out turtl is to write a novel / encyclopedia / wiki and the heirachy of Space > Boards > Notes is working well. A layout of a Novel generally goes Parts > Chapters > pages so the turtl heirarchy fits.

I want to know the limitations though, particularly for notes as i’m not intending to make use of the notes feature for just notes or lists, moreso up to 1000’s of words on each note.
Is there any limitation to notes for word count?
Is there other limitations for the notes or even how large a heirarchy can be? I have four parts which i’ve made a Space for each, each space has up to four boards for each chapter and each chapter has around 3-4 notes for each subject or page i intend to write. Its working well so far but dont want to put all my creative efforts into this app to manage if i eventually hit a limitation, whether it be word count, amount of spaces, notes or boards.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing what the future brings to turtl app :blush:


I don’t believe there is a limit per ce. Though once you hit say… 10MB per item, things seems to start to break. For example, try to upload a 20MB image. That being said, I do not believe there is a practical limit on boards, spaces, and notes.

The biggest limitation for your use case is that Turtl is really geared for shorter documents since there is no advanced editing features, for example search and replace (or simply… search) being the biggest missing item. That being said, if you can live with its simplicity, it should work well for what you propose.