Change font size



As a pocket pc user, I need to change the font size of Turtl application.

It’s almost impossible to use in a 7" pocket PC.

It seems that DPI adjusted in Xorg or Desktop doesn’t affect Turtl

Is there any way to change font size in the app ??


Finally I have found the answer:

./turtl --force-device-scale-factor=2


Great, thank you for posting this. I did not know it was possible.


Is it possible to change the font size in Windows or Android? If not, is this something planned for future updates?


Thank you for this! The smaller font size made it almost unusable for me.

Btw, I also updated my turtle.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/, so it will always launch with a larger font size.

I’m bummed setting the font/zoom size isn’t an option in the app, but this works for now. Thanks @YJesus!