Chance to see a calendar feature in the future?


Is there any chance to see a calendar feature in Turtl or is the plan to stay strictly as a cloud notebook? I personally would love to have a cross-platform FOSS calendar option.There isn’t really so many good FOSS options there outside of EteSync and EteSync is mainly for Android.


Etesync has gotten better for sharing calendars and ProtonMail and SecureSwissData is working on a calendar feature with their email services.


Mostly likely Turtl will be mainly for notes and will not have a calendar. If we do decide to a calendar, it will likely be a completely separate app.


Oh nice, I’m looking forward for ProtonMail’s calendar option. I just can’t understand why they don’t have their client in f-droid even though it has been on it’s way to get there for some time now…
But anyways nice to hear that there is some options outside of Etesync also. Thanks!


Alright, thanks for the info!