Can't login, Anyone else having this issue?


Anyone else having this problem? Haven’t been able to login in my computer or phone for the last 12 hours? I get this error:

In the past it has sorted out quite quick but getting worried now
In the trouble logging in link, it has, 1, a old message about when they upgraded to version 0.7 all our saved servers were lost along with our data, but I don’t think that’s current. Unless they’ve updated again which then Wouldn’t I be able to login just all my work would be lost?
2, the other thing is about forgotten password and how we should use a password manager. Which I do use a password manager. My password manager inputs my passwords for me. If I had somehow accidentally changed the password in the password manager on my computer then my phone would have the correct one, but I can’t connect on either.
3, the last thing is on framenotes, which the website is all in french I believe and I can’t read a damn thing lol, is that helpful to logging back in?

Anyways, maybe ill try making a new account and seeing if I can import my files into there


Was this problem ever resolved? I’m now experiencing it.


Same here. Can’t login even with my password manager. I know my account is there because when I signed up with the same info I was not allowed because that account still “exists”.


Havin the same issue


I was unable to log in for 30-60 minutes, but just got back in.