Bad web page for email confirmation


I am setting up a self-hosted turtl server, and I am testing it locally. I have set up the confirmation email correctly, when I create a user I get the welcome email but when I click on the confirmation link I get a bad web page on the browser. The confirmation address is something like:

When I click on it a web page opens in the browser at address http://localhost:8181/users/confirm/success, but as content I get just a JSON file:

{"error":{"message":"bad login: (bad auth)"}}

The log says:

info: ::ffff: "GET /users/confirm/myuser%40myemaildomain/95a3e070c099d25915299222d30efa2b1e4ddf63f5bae3511b5d97526e98bcdf44d71ca8d2f6343642c73b364005d69ea8571746ee3dee3a54681e4a7c53ec6b" 307 18
error: tres.err -- (uid null): bad login: (bad auth)
info: ::ffff: "GET /users/confirm/success" 403 45

The confirmation actually succeeded, since I can share and cannot send another confirmation, but the errors occurring in between are scarying and might create confusion.

So how do I get rid of them? I suppose I have to fix something in my configuration… I am currently using config.yaml.docker with these env variables:

TURTL_APP_WWW_URL: http://localhost:8181

I can provide other info if needed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.