Pull down to view notes with blank boards(to make more Gtd friendly)


I believe I requested this a while back back in the Google + days. I was searching through the feature requests in this board as well as turtl/tracker and I didn’t see anything.
I’m using turtl as a GTD planner and it would be really useful to me if there was a pull down feature to view notes with unassigned boards.
Currently for me to do review I have to individually open each note to see if the board (gtd context) is missing. This is really tedious and hard me for me manage. To do a review, it forces me to go through each note in all notes to verify a board has been selected.
(An alternate/additional feature could be to display the name of the board in the note, if all notes is selected although I suspect that would require slightly more work to accomplish.)

I realize with 162 issue it might be a while till you guys get to this. I haven’t done Javascript but I’ve done a fair amount of C++, C# back in the day. If you guys get around to this, but like the idea, could you point me to the section of the code where this needs to get implemented and take a wack at it.