Partial Word Search


I can’t imagine this would be a terribly hard thing to include, though maybe I am mistaken?

Partial word search is an absolute must when searching anything. For example, if I have notes called Snapshot and Snapshots BOTH of those should show up in my search results when I search for “snapshot”.

I have seen others put this in a list of additional feature requests and it has gone unanswered so I am putting this request by itself as not having partial word search while searching my own notes is a major inconvenience.


Hi @pghpete - you can search for partial words. For me it works if I put an asterix after the word. So if I’m searching “kab…” something then I insert kab* into the search bar and it works.

I haven’t tried searching for “…kab” so ending in something but I think it should work similarly with *kab


I appreciate the tip however this still doesn’t function properly in my opinion… unless I want to include a wildcard or two in every single search. If “snapshot” is found in both snapshot and snapshots it is only logical that BOTH are returned as a result. The current search is extremely clunky.