Is there an iOS client?


Hi folks.
Is there a mobile iOS client available?
Thank you


yes I am an iOS client


That’s great.
But how do I find the iOS client in App Store?


Got to download from Turtl site and install it.


It says iOS coming soon
How soon is soon?


I just downloaded it on my macbook.
Are trying to install on something else than a computer?


Ahh yes.
I have the Linux client.
I am asking about the iPhone client.


Sorry, I have never tried installing on my iPhone.
As you mentioned earlier, it looks like iOS is still under construction.
Hope it comes out soon.

Good luck.


Starting to feel like it is taking a while for the IOS. Does anyone have a status, ETA, or anything? Always curious when companies / developers are overly quiet on a topic.
For me, I have been using it on my android, but really need to see it on my tablet (Apple) as well. Once I am confident, they have and support both, I will buy the premium as it works well for me, and seems to be the most secure option for info / notes etc so far.



Bump - does anyone know what the plan is for iOS?